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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Affordable Working Women's Retreats! COMING THIS SPRING!

I'm honored to announce that I will begin offering 'Working Women's' retreats starting THIS SPRING! These retreats will be affordable, mini-day retreats intended for working women (especially parents) who are in need of a re-charge and some sweet, nurturing self-care! 

One of the working moms who practices with me regularly has sparked this new piece of my journey (thank you Megan!) and she also shared this article with me -


In the article one mother describes going to a yoga class and listening to the instructor discuss the difficulty of “pouring from an empty cup.” Meaning, we can’t perform at our best when our resources—time, sleep, financial security, physical well-being, emotional fortitude, etc.—are depleted, and that it’s important to keep the cup filled.

It’s time to reinvent the meaning of “self-care”—to honor the diversity of activities (or non-activities) that fill our cups. 

It’s also time to recognize that, for many parents, the cups simply stay empty, and it’s our collective responsibility to help fill them. 

We can do this with our compassion. We can look the economics of parenthood in the face. For most of parents, caring for themselves means living with a barter system. 

I'm here to tell all the moms out there that self-care doesn't have to be a long-lost fairy-tale for you...I'm here to help you regain the balance you need to continue to radiate both your love and your strength as a mother, as a working mom, as the goddess that you truly are! 

More information coming soon Yoga Lovers!