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Friday, January 29, 2016

Believe in Yourself - Step into Your Authentic Purpose

It's important to see yourself as the successful person you are striving to be. Don't wait for the future. Find that greatness in you now and project it into your attitude. When you do, you will have brought the future into the moment. 

If you keep struggling in business and act like a novice, others will treat you as such. Take attitude that allows others to know you believe and know what you're doing, and they'll believe too. When you love what you do, you enjoy what you do, and others are always attracted to love and joy. This attracts support from others and helps you to keep going. 

To find your purpose take time - please don't be in a rush - you can't make it happen; it must unfold. Don't hold on to what wants to go; let it go. Life is taking you someplace you need to be. Stop fighting the process and surrender to your path. See everything as a gift and a chance to get stronger. Fear is nothing but a place you feel there is no love. Go there and bring love with you. You are the torch that brings the light. 

When you can create your dream in the dark, not just in the light, when you can put it together with what you have, instead of the perfect parts, you will be a master creator. To be a master of anything you must be able to do it with the bare essentials, anyone can do it if everything is there, perfect and abundant. 

You must be able to keep going when things don't fall into place, when you get criticized for what you believe in, or when the world doesn't recognize your talent or your truth. 

Are you there for YOU? Do you support YOURSELF?   

I invite you to take some time to reflect on what arises for your over this weekend, as the Sun is in Freedom-loving Aquarius and the Moon continues to wane from Truth-seeking Libra into Surrender-inspiring Scorpio. These astrological energetic combinations can prove to be deep, intense, immensely healing, and expansive... Just remember; if we believe in ourselves, we can attain our soul's purpose and gain the strength and confidence to birth our unique gifts forth into the world! 

May you become through practice all that you are in potential. Peace, love and light. Namaste.