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Thursday, August 1, 2013

goodbye July, hello August!

Embracing a new month and flowing with the winds of change. Change is good. It offers up space to grow and see life from a new perspective. Our journeys are in a constant state of change, unless we allow ourselves to get into that comfy, yet sometimes stagnant place, refusing to allow room for growth. Usually as a result of the fear of letting go of that which no longer serves our journey, grows our soul, or simply allows those little tidbits of joy and happiness to trickle onto our path. 

What are we so afraid of? There could be something life-changing waiting around the bend, if we decide to take that left turn, or maybe the right this time. Maybe by saying "yes" instead of "no" or saying "no" and feeling confident that it is what's best for you. Or maybe you need to step onto a path which cultivates more self-love, self-acceptance, and yes...self-confidence. 

Whatever winds of change you are facing on your own journey, take the time to embrace it, listen to it, nurture it, and allow yourself to grow!

Allowing for growth, cultivating new changes
***New class time starting 8/20***
Tuesday Cardio Flow 
6:00 ~ 7:15pm
at Mindful Yoga Studio