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Here's what yogis are saying about Empower Tucson Yoga! "Tiffany is a terrific yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga is obvious and her enthusiasm is inspiring. She really connects with her students on an individual level. She incorporates much insight about the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice, while making the class a fun experience." Danielle L.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Aparigraha - Let Go. Leap Forward. The World Awaits a Better You!

"When we are whole and aware of the divinity within, we realize that we have everything we really need. There is no need to attach to anything else in a manner that does not honor our divinity. Any need to attach it in an unhealthy manner to that which is outside of ourselves is a sign that we feel we are not whole and that we are not aware of our own divinity.

Acceptance is the key element that assists us in letting go. Freewill can play a role in directing effort and discipline towards letting go as well, while faith and surrender can assist in allowing us to let it happen. Simplicity and non-attachment are interrelated and complementary. They contribute to one another and a variety of ways." 

~ Barry John Johnson, The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements 


My theme in the practices I have been teaching this week have been on the 5th Yama, Aparigraha, or non-attachment. I have discovered that which is needing let go of in my own life and have committed to establishing myself firmly in this element. I will no longer hold a social media presence on Facebook, so if you followed me there, I'm grateful you found my website. I will keep my calendar up-to-date with my full schedule of offerings, announcements, and upcoming events through this platform. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out and connect and even better...come, join me in practice!!!