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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Maha Navaratri - Autumn Hindu Festival celebrating the power of the Goddess

Navaratri is the Hindu festival celebrating the power of the Goddess.  For nine nights, as the light of the moon grows brighter, the power of the Divine Feminine will magnify in your life.

Navaratri (Nava=nine/ Ratri=nights) always begins the day after the new moon and is celebrated five times a year. The most important and widely celebrated is the Maha Navaratri - the Navaratri of Autumn (Sharadiya Navaratri) which falls in October this year.


One of my favorite rituals is creating altars. This is my home altar which I created to honor Autumnal Equinox, Navaratri, and to invoke the Goddess Durga, Warrior Goddess and Great Mother Goddess who is most auspicious during this fall season, when the leaves are turning and shedding from the trees. Durga helps us to face our obstacles and fears by offering us protection and inner strength. What major inner obstacles are you facing now? What do you need to let go of at this time? What's needing more of your attention? 

Fall is a time of decisions, of gathering in, of choosing what to keep and what to let go. Fall now into our heart of hearts. Dive now into the deep end of the pool of ourselves. Let go now of the above ground. Burrow now into our dream cave taking with us the final harvest, the essential piece that will nourish the root of our being and bring us through to our next life. 

Each night of Navaratri is in honor of a different form of the goddess.  These Goddesses open particular channels of Shakti on their lunar days (Tithis).   These days can be used to focus on specific life issues.  They have specific planetary rulers and there are particular colors that can be worn to enhance the energy of the day. 


.::October 1, 2, 3::.
The first three nights are in honor of Kali, the “terrible” form of the goddess who destroys the demons of ignorance, disease, ego and selfishness.  She gives strength and motivation and empowers us towards spiritual growth.
.::October 4, 5, 6::.
The next three days are in honor of Laksmi, the goddess of wealth.  She gives abundance and good health and opens the heart to gratitude and generosity. She gives clarity to envision our future goals. 
.::October 7, 8, 9::.
The last three days are for Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and art.   She inspires us through science, art, music and education.  She expands the ability to understand systems and to create beauty. She dispels ignorance and gives wisdom.


Here is some more information to help make the best use of these auspicious days, calling in the power of the Goddess in her Nine Forms.


I'm excited to introduce a small batch of my NEWest ritual bath salt BLEND created for this FALL season invoking the Goddess Durga!

These strengthening & protective Durga Ritual Bath Salts include a blend of dried flowers and herbs (white sage, rosemary, lavender, calendula, lemongrass), essential oils (clary sage, cedarwood, white fir, frankincense, rosemary, bergamot, ylang ylang & melaleuca) blended with Epsom salt, frankincense & myrrh tears, some personally harvested pine cones & juniper berries from Mt. Lemmon, and a beach pebble personally collected from the Sea of Cortez. 

I also have a fresh batch of Kuan Yin ritual bath salts available. This sacred healing blend includes a blend of dried herbs & flowers (white sage, rosemary, calendula, lavender, rose, orange peel, juniper berry), essential oils (clary sage, sandalwood, lavender, rose, geranium, lemongrass, melaleuca) blended with Epsom salt, frankincense & myrrh tears, and a sea shell personally collected from the Sea of Cortez. This blend was created in ritual invoking the healing and compassionate light of the Goddess Kuan Yin. 

Both of these ritual bath salts will be available during any of my yoga therapy offerings at Tucson Yoga Studio (for local delivery/pick-up and distant mail deliveries, please email me to arrange). 

If it's your first time purchasing bath salts from me, the 4 oz jar is $10, when you return your jar, your next purchase is just $5. I accept cash, check, debit/credit, and PayPal.