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Here's what yogis are saying about Empower Tucson Yoga! "Tiffany is a terrific yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga is obvious and her enthusiasm is inspiring. She really connects with her students on an individual level. She incorporates much insight about the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice, while making the class a fun experience." Danielle L.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Women's Yoga for Healing ✨New Moon Offering✨MONDAY, 11/9/15, 7-8:30pm 148 S 4th Avenue - Tucson Yoga

~ Women's Yoga for Healing ~
✨ New Moon Offering ✨
MONDAY, 11/9/15, 7-8:30pm
148 S 4th Avenue - Tucson Yoga 


A New Moon happens once a month when the Sun and Moon touch each other. It’s a great time for new beginnings of any sort.  It’s also the perfect time to set intentions for ourselves. Putting our intentions out there can sometimes manifest into bigger and better things. Sometimes when we ask – we will receive within 6 months time, and at the time of the Full Moon, we can really gauge and assess whether or not what we started was beneficial for us.  Even if it doesn’t go the way we planned, the process itself can be beneficial so we mustn't don’t let fear of the end result deter us. 

The upcoming New Moon is meeting up with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, offering up some deeply transformative energy which can be massively evolving as we have been focusing our work inward on what's holding us back in any way from stepping into our highest potential. 

For this New Moon offering we will take a journey into the depths of our souls deepest wounds and karmic ties...we have the power to expand into our divine feminine potential at this time - come, join me on this incredible adventure!!!

During our practice we will invoke Bhuvaneshwari, the Goddess of infinite space, she whose body is the world. I'd like to give you a little introduction to this Divine Goddess so that you each can fully connect with her embrace during our practice together this Monday, 11/9/15, 7-8:30pm at Tucson Yoga - 148 S 4th Avenue. 

Bhuvaneshwari is both earth mother and sky mother. She is not just one-half of the mythological dualism that equates spirit to masculine and matter with feminine. She is all; nondual. She is the source of whatever emerges from the earth. She is not only the space that extends outward and up, she's also the space within, the space that extends downward into the depths of the earth and the depths of the heart. 

"Vast as the universe is the tiny space within the heart. The heavens and earth are there, and the sun and moon and stars. Fire and lightening and wind are there, and all that now exists, and all that is not." 

Bhuvaneshwari is shunya - the void. But she is also described as purna - or fullness. Just as all numbers are potentially present in zero, all that could possibly exist is potential in the void. Shunya is empty yet full. Akasha is space between that has no beginning or end, which contains all potentiality. Everything begins and ends in it. 

Though Bhuvaneshwari IS the source of matter, though she IS the matrix, though she IS the goddess as Maya - the cosmic measurer who deludes and traps us into seeing matter as separate from spirit - she IS also a portal back into nonduality. 

The madhya - the center - is the gap between one activity and another. Like the still point where a pendulum stops before gathering energy to swing again, the madhya is an empty space pregnant with power. You find the madhya in the tiny pause between one breath and another. You find it in a mind that pauses between thoughts. Bhuvaneshwari is the "breath inside the breath," - and in time, that nearly invisible, hidden space between the breaths can open, imploding inward, expanding into a spaciousness that is infinite - as large as you are able to conceive, and even larger. You find the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari here, more intimate than your breath.