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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Full Moon in Taurus - Women's Yoga for Healing Offering: Monday, 10/26/15, 7-8:30pm

As the Full Moon in Taurus is receptive to the light (and the shadowy aspects) of the Sun in Scorpio, as women we are receptive to the light of our most creative expressions and deepest inner desires. 

We may feel like the layers of our heart's are being pulled away.  What we come face to face with is the bare truth. Here in this broken open place lives the whispers written on the walls of our hearts. Here is the home of our desires. Here is the domain of Venus.

While the Taurus Moon highlights our need for stability in relationships, the Scorpio Sundrives us to delve into the world of unexplainable passions. This is a time be fearless and vulnerable, experienced and innocent, receiving and attracting, all at the same time, radiating our own superb glow! 

Oh my Godesses...we are in for a spectacular treat THIS MONDAY for our Full Moon Women's Yoga for Healing gathering! One of the amazing and talented healers I work with has prepared some delicious treats for me to share in our practice together and they will also be available for purchase so that you to take them home with you! 

Azreal Wagner of Guardian of the Heart Healing Arts has prepared a 'Calm Balm' salve to increase stability, peace and a sense of lifted centering. They are each infused with Blue Sage, coconut oil, several gems and minerals and Yarrow Flower for healthy boundaries. The Blue Sage has a spicy, earthy scent and is backed up by the subtle aroma of Sweet Orange. These will be offered for $10/each. She has also prepared an herbal Blue Sage smudge for burning, which can be purchased for $5/each. 

What is nourishing you? What is starving you? Are you feeding your desires or are you pinching them off? Are you listening to your heart? Are you nurturing a strong foundation for your dreams? Are you tapped into our cut off from the deep flow of emotion and feeling from within?"

Come, join me for this divinely sacred feminine offering. 
Come, reconnect with yourself in a way you may have never imagined.

Full Moon in Taurus Offering
Women's Yoga for Healing 
$12 Drop-In, Passes Available