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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Embracing the journey as it unfolds with grace and ease. Each day a new, abundant beginning.

I never imagined my path as a healer would guide me here...to a reality of helping others to cope with the stresses and obstacles life can present to us.

Several years ago, I discovered yoga as a tool to manage the stresses I found troubling in my own daily life. I'm a Capricorn. I'm a very driven, ambitious, go-getter who will sacrifice what it takes to attain whatever dream I set out after. Yoga has taught me how to slow my roll. It has taught me that too much drive is not sustainable. It has taught me that there's no need to rush this life, time is truly what we make of it.

When we become so focused on the goals that we miss out on what is happening in each moment, we find that we become very lost. Lost in the future, lost in the past, lost in the stories of our own minds. These places can understandably prove to be unfamiliar and unpredictable territory - no matter how much we "think" we can control the way our journey unfolds...and we certainly can't go back and change what's already happened.

One of the tools that has kept me on this path of living a life full of grace, ease and abundance is to begin each day with the intention of gratitude. To do this, I take some time to connect with my mind, body and spirit, first and foremost. I embrace what each fresh, new day offers me with an open heart and an open mind. It is in these first moments of the day that I realize what my spirt is calling for; I become aware of what my physical body is experiencing and understand what I can do to nurture and nourish it; and my mental clarity is in its most raw state - sometimes feeling ready to take on the world, while other times I could have happily stayed in bed all day. I embrace all of these feelings without attachment, without judgement, without aversion. I do my best to tend to these realities much like a mother would her small child.

However, if we don't have examples like such to model the love and nurturing that we are capable of receiving, then we progress forward using the natural survival techniques all living beings have been equipped with. This, however, prevents us from evolving into our highest selves. We become animal-like in our behaviors and action, moving throughout this world armed with a mindset of survival of the fittest; us versus them, success versus failure, winner versus loser. These behaviors are what drive the forces of disease in our lives. These fears and prejudices manifest into anger and hate. Hate is like a rabid dog, wherein all the love is exhausted and the animal becomes taken over with raging anger, causing it to be in a constant state of defending for its survival.

When we allow love to fill back up within our hearts, we are able to see the world from a very different viewpoint; almost like getting an improved set of eyeglasses, where we didn't realize how much we were missing until we put on those new lenses of clarity. We begin to see love all around us, glimmering in everything and most importantly within ourselves. The amount of love we are capable of was right here all along... we simply had to be courageous enough to conquer the biggest enemy of all...pride. We had to be willing to make vulnerability our all; we had to let down our guard; we had to finally take the armor off and allow our raw, open wounds to be exposed. For it is in this space of surrender that we rediscover the grace and ease of this beautiful life - when we choose to move with source, rather than constantly battling against it. 

If what I have to offer resonates with your vibration, I invite you to join our community of Yoga Lovers; where you will find that your spirit feels welcome and supported throughout your own unique journey - without judgement or prejudice. I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Peace and love,Tiffany