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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Empower Tucson Yoga's Warriors For Healing Campaign! DONATE TODAY!

I am more than excited to announce that I have become a part of a fantastic program that is launching this year called Warriors For Healing to reach out to military veterans and anyone who suffers from PTSD! 

Helping those who suffer from trauma of any kind - physical, mental or emotional - has been my passion since I discovered the many benefits of yoga myself, as someone who has personally suffered from PTSD. As I continue on my own journey of health, I feel it is my deepest purpose to share the healing gift of yoga with others. 

Many of you may know that I am currently in an intensive yoga therapy training program with Inner Vision Yoga that specifically focuses on PTSD, offering yoga as a path to healing. As I expressed, I have personally experienced the many benefits of this program myself and it has changed my entire way of being! 

Please help me in this campaign that will enable myself and many other leaders across the nation to cultivate awareness about PTSD and bring yoga to military veterans and anyone who suffers from this life-debilitating condition! 

Follow the link below to learn more, help spread the word by sharing the link with everyone you know, and DONATE!!! 

In peace and love, Tiffany 🙏