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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Transformation Challenge: 45 Days To A New Year & A New You! 11/16/14-12/31/14

Please join me THIS SUNDAY, 11/16/14 for a 45-day Transformation Challenge to help one another kick those unwanted habits before 2015!

This challenge is intended to create the support needed to break habits of any kind. Over the course of the challenge I will offer helpful tips and tools to empower your success. 

You can join the challenge 
via social media: 
(Facebook: EmpowerTucson Yoga & Instagram: Empower_Tucson_Yoga)

online through my website:  www.EmpowerTucsonYoga.com 

or via email: Info@EmpowerTucsonYoga.com

The repetition of any pattern of behavior establishes neural circuits in the brain. Habits generate biochemical and physiological changes that perpetuate behavior. Our bad vices may well deliver pleasurable sensations, but our body and mind eventually become damaged or destroyed. It IS POSSIBLE to break a habit once you address it's emotional and physical aspects. 

To prepare for this challenge, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

"What do I really want to change in my life?"

"What behaviors or habits are getting in the way of my health & happiness?"

"How are my behaviors or habits effecting my health?"

"Once the effects of my habit or behavior has worn off, how do I feel?" 

Once you have identified the obstacle that is preventing you from living your naturally healthy & happy life, try your best to stay present when engaging in your habit.  Practice full awareness by noticing all the sensations of your body and thoughts of your mind without judgement. 

Now, envision yourself in a new state of being, no habits or behaviors limiting you from experiencing the happiness and health that we each naturally embody. 

The first 3 days will be the most challenging, so I recommend removing any temptations and simplifying your life as much as possible during this initial period. 

Habits fill deep-seated needs, therefore you will want to fill the void of your old habit with something new and nourishing, so plan to find an activity that provides sustainable comfort and takes the place of the temporary relief your old habit provided. 

Most importantly...surround yourself with positive, healthy people! You may need to place some distance between yourself and those who continue to engage in the habit you're quitting. Find people who encourage your success. Join one of the social media groups for the challenge or simply stay connected with me via email at info@EmpowerTucsonYoga.com

May you have the strength to see with clarity the remarkable being that you naturally are. 

In love & light, 
Tiffany 🙏