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Here's what yogis are saying about Empower Tucson Yoga! "Tiffany is a terrific yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga is obvious and her enthusiasm is inspiring. She really connects with her students on an individual level. She incorporates much insight about the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice, while making the class a fun experience." Danielle L.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New a Year!

Happy New Year Yoga Lovers! 

Come, join me TODAY for some HEALING Yoga Love with my first community offerings of 2016!  
at Tucson Yoga Studio, 150 S 4th Avenue, www.TucsonYoga.com 

-Yoga For PTSD & Truama-
Sundays, 1:00-2:30pm

-Yin Yoga-
Sundays, 3:30-4:45pm

As a SOUL, we originated in the HEART of GOD.  As a Soul, our ultimate goal is to return to the heart of God.  

It takes a great amount of experiences, STAMINA, STRENGTH, and lessons learned to gain the impetus, motivation, and POWER needed to turn around and FLOW back to the heart of God. Flowing away from God is easy. It is like flowing with the force of gravity.  

However, just as a rocket needs a tremendous amount of FUEL to defy gravity and leave the Earth's atmosphere, people need a tremendous amount of "fuel" to return to the heart of God. 

When our Soul take us beyond pain and allows us to taste the world of genius, imagination, and UNIVERSAL TRUTHS, we will never be stopped by it again. All our Soul needs is a taste of these flavors and the pleasures of the world diminish. We now know that there is a force greater that ourselves. 

With this AWARENESS comes the consciousness that we are all connected (UNITY) and that what happens to others effects our own lives. 

It's time to readjust the goal and add a PURPOSE. Why not use our personal successes and share our knowledge. GIVING BACK is the GREATEST JOY of all. We are assuring that what we've learned and gleaned from life will not be lost; instead it will be passed on. 

The WISDOM in pain comes when we realize that our Soul never suffers, it's our ego that feels pain. Once a Soul can accept suffering as part of life, it is able to accept its emotions. 

Suffering has taught us to look deeper within ourselves. PERSEVERANCE beyond pain and rejection opened our Soul to a new level. With our new vision we are able to see farther and make adjustments to our goals. 

The unknown is no longer a scary place, because fear and pain are not your limits - the quest is for new ideas and truths that will LIFT THE WORLD BEYOND its pettiness and SUFFERING.