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Here's what yogis are saying about Empower Tucson Yoga! "Tiffany is a terrific yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga is obvious and her enthusiasm is inspiring. She really connects with her students on an individual level. She incorporates much insight about the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice, while making the class a fun experience." Danielle L.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Candlelit Yin with Live Music by Brad Sconzert, Thursday, 1/29/15, 7-8:15pm at The Sea of Glass, 330 E 7th Street

I look forward to the special Yin Yoga Love offering TOMORROW NIGHT with my favorite human being, partner and talented local musician Brad Sconzert of Black Heart Thieves! (This photo was taken at Cup Cafe on our 5 year anniversary...the very spot we met eachother and fell in love!) 

Bring your friends, family & yoga lovers for a practice you won't want to miss! 

Candlelit Yin with Tiffany Georgia

Thursday, 1/29/15, 7-8:15pm

at The Sea of Glass 

330 E 7th Street 

"What does power mean to us? Why are most people willing to do almost anything to get it? Even if we are not aware of it, most of us seek to be in positions of power because we believe this will enable us to control our life situations. We believe that power will get us what we most want: freedom and happiness. 

Our society is founded on a very limited definition of power, namely wealth, professional success, fame, physical strength, military might, and political control. 

My dear friends, I suggest that there is another kind of power, a greater power: the power to be happy right in the present moment, free from addiction, fear, despair, discrimination, anger, and ignorance. This power is the birthright of every human being, whether celebrated or unknown, rich or poor, strong or weak. 

The ambition to grow our understanding and compassion and to help the world is a wonderful energy that gives our lives genuine purpose. But it is important to remember that to realize this wonderful ambition we must first take care of ourselves. To bring happiness to others, we must BE HAPPINESS. And this is why we always train ourselves to first take care of our own bodies and minds. Only when we are solid can we be our best and take good care of our loved ones." 

~Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Power