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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dream BIG! Manifest the life you want!

Happy Monday! 

How has everyone been doing with their challenges??? 👍👊👌👏

Over the weekend I was in another intensive teacher training where I focused on expanding my knowledge in the aspects of this very topic of breaking habitual patterns and re-programming our minds!!!

I have so much to digest, process and integrate into my teachings, and I'm more than excited to share this with ALL of you!

The first take-away I'd like to share with you from my training is this:

In order to succeed in re-patterning our minds, we must first become conscious and aware. I know it seems silly to say "conscious" and "aware" as if we are all sleepwalking through this world...but honestly most of us are! 

We are conditioned to numb ourselves (in any way we can) so that we don't FEEL.

And it's more than numbing the smelly feelings such as pain, sadness, and fear...we also inevitably numb all the sweet feelings too, such as joy, love and HAPPINESS. 

We have to stop numbing ourselves to find acceptance with the reality of the way things are. 

We have to find patience instead of demanding quick-fixes for our life's most ingrained patterns. Patience and presence will offer us the wisdom to know that with the right mind, the right attitude, and the right tools we can heal ourselves FROM ANYTHING.

We all have a right to be here. 
Start focusing on WHAT YOU WANT instead of what's wrong. Put every single form of energy you can into WHAT YOU TRULY WANT in your life and the Universe will match that better than any 401k, retirement fund or health care plan can even dream of! 

Dare to dream BIG and you will manifest into your highest self! 
It's your life's purpose to expand beyond all measure!