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Sunday, September 7, 2014

CANDLELIT YIN YOGA LOVE! LIVE with Blake Boyer: Wednesday 9/10/14, 7-8:15pm at The Movement Shala

As we shift into the completion of a cycle that began at the mark of Summer Solstice, we are invited to embrace the seasonal changes this month has to offer. 

The upcoming Full Moon in Pisces (the last of three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) invites us to reflect on the seeds we've cultivated in our path, inspires us to enjoy and savor the fruits of our actions and inevitably sheds light on the pieces that no longer serve us.  

With Sun presently in Virgo and reflecting back to Sun in Cancer (at the Summer Solstice), we specifically focus on the mothering and intimate connections of our journeys. This is the time to let go of any past experiences that are no longer pertinent in our present lives. These pieces of our past have certainly shaped us into who we are, however they ARE NOT WHO WE ARE.

We are also invited to transform any patterns and behaviors we have developed that may be preventing us from fully expanding in our present relationships. Our habits drive our life forces and the Moon energy shines on whatever our heart calls home; our habits, comfort zones, emotional needs & responses. 

I invite you to join me for this special healing, nurturing and releasing 
CANDLELIT YIN Yoga Love offering;

Live Musical Offering
with Blake Boyer!
from 7:00pm-8:15pm at
The Movement Shala
435 E. 9th Street 
(between 3rd & 4th Avenues) 

$5/student, donations graciously accepted for musician's offerings.

Blake's devotion shines through an eclectic weave of sanskrit mantras, soulful acoustic melodies and deep entrancing grooves. His original style draws on many influences including jazz, reggae/ska, Latin American, funk, world fusion and traditional folk music.